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Here you can find a selection of our products that help you create a more fun, creative and educational workday.

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Medium 16106salessheetmicrostaplerblackcolor0

Classroom Consumables

3 in 1 Stapler

Art.16106 3 in 1 Stapler / Hand + Wall tack + Staple Remover Staples up to 10 pages, Pin a sign or display to a soft board or remove a staple with the built in remover, the hand stapler can do it all. Uses Art 16305 No.10 Staple
Medium 2010120105gluestickcolor

Classroom Consumables

Adhesive stick - 'Green Choice'

Art: 20105 Adhesive stick - Green Choice - 22g (Gluestick) The plastic tube holding the glue is made from 100% recycled material and once finished, the tube can be rinsed and placed into the recycle bin once again. The ‘Glue’ features 50% less solvent, which provides a better stick and a longer cap off time that reduces waste. This is one of the longest lasting gluesticks available today. *Also available 10101 Adhesive stick 39gm
Medium 28502285032850528510sicssorscolor

Classroom Consumables

Dual Handed - Classroom Scissors

Art. 28503 Dual Handed Classroom Scissors. Proven to work for children who are both left or right handed. Dual cutting blades are self-serrating and keep sharp for many years. Quality S/S blades can be washed to remove glue, paint and any number of craft materials. ABS handles are robust and scissors are easily identified in a Red/Blue livery. *Probably the best scissor you will ever use.
Medium 24177pencilsharpenercolor

Classroom Consumables

Dual Sharpener - suitable for standard and jumbo pencils

Art.24177 Dual Sharpener with Barrel. Designed to sharpen Standard pencils, Standard colour pencils, Standard Triangle pencils, Jumbo Pencils and Jumbo Colour Pencils. Benefits from an attached barrel that keeps shavings under control until full, then easily discarded to the bin
Medium 16135electricstaplercolor

Classroom Consumables

Electronic Stapler - Office

Art. 16135 Electronic Stapler - Office The perfect accessory for your office, a battery operated electronic stapler that will staple through 25 pages with ease. It’s so lite that you can move it to different locations or share it with colleagues. Each one comes with x6 AA batteries. Uses Art 16313 26/6 staples
Medium 16210salessheetstaplepliercolor

Classroom Consumables

Handy Stapling Plier

Art. 16210 Handy Stapling Plier - Classroom Ergonomically designed to fit into your hand, this handy staple plier can bind 15 pages of A4 paper without problem. Staples are loaded into the long chamber, which reduces the need to reload. Uses Art 16305 No.10 Staple
Medium 24186pencilsharpenertriangularcolor

Classroom Consumables

Jumbo Pencil Sharpener

Art. 24186 Jumbo Sharpener. Designed to sharpen, Super Jumbo Pencils, Super Jumbo Triangular Pencils, Super Jumbo Colour Pencils and Super Jumbo Triangular Colour Pencils.
Medium 28502285032850528510sicssorscolor

Classroom Consumables

Large Adult Scissors - 11cm cutting blade

Art. 28510 Large Adult Scissors with 11cm cutting surface. Easy to use scissor more suited to ‘adults’ or those with greater control. Dual cutting blades are self-serrating and keep sharp for many years. ABS handles are robust and easily identified in a Red/Blue livery.
Medium 16115litetackercolor

Classroom Consumables

Lite Tacker - Staple Gun

Art. 16115 Lite Tacker – Staple Gun. The Lite weight tacker is easy to control. The handle position is perfect for the smaller hands. A good, general use, staple gun ideal for mounting displays and notices onto a variety of boards. Uses Art 16536 53/6 staple
Medium 24184schoolcolourpencilcolor

Classroom Consumables

School Colour Pencils

Art. 24184 School Colour Pencils. 24 quality colour pencils with a high pigment:bond ratio. Each colour pencil benefits from SBL technology that ensures longevity. The size is perfect for accurate or detailed work and the colours are blendable. Robust Linden wood is used, which is more sustainable and more durable than alternatives.
Medium 16211salessheetstapleremovercolor0

Classroom Consumables

Staple Remover

Art.16211 Staple Remover Easy to use hand held staple remover that collects staples as it goes.
Medium 24181salessheetsuperjumbocolourpencilcolor0

Classroom Consumables

Super Jumbo Colour Pencil

Art. 24181 Super Jumbo Colour Pencil. 12 quality jumbo colour pencils with a high pigment:bond ratio. Each colour pencil benefits from SBL technology that ensures longevity. Colours are blendable and the Jumbo size allows large areas to be coloured quickly, without too much wear to the crayon. Robust Linden wood is used which is more sustainable and more durable than alternatives. Each colour pencil benefits from a cap on the end of the pencil for easy recognition.
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