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More than just a choice of materials

The key to sustainability is to get away from the wear and tear mentality that exists today. We created our first environment policy in 1983 and in 1996 we were the very first in Sweden to ISO-certify for the management of both, Environment ISO 14001 and Quality ISO 9001. In 2015, we also committed to the UN Global Compact Agreement, where we demand that our people and suppliers comply with the UN's ten principles on human rights, labor law issues, the environment, anti-corruption modern slavery and human trafficking.  For more email:

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We process thousands of orders every year and and we think it is really important to balance sustainability and practicality when it comes to you receiving your new Rahmqvist products.  Today our choice of packaging is made from 100% recyclable and re-usable material, guaranteed. 

Our environmental work in practice

We all have a choice, and if we are able to adjust our buying habits, we can make a difference to the the climate and environment.  At Rahmqvist you will find a gluestick with a plastic tube, it already uses recycled plastic and once finished, it can be recycled over again and a modelling clay that is free from, gluten, nut, wheat and latex, allowing the majority of people with allergies enjoy creative activities .... there are many more like this, just ask the question and let us tell you all about it.

Together we make the world a better place

We are proud of the Rahmqvist Foundation Centre, our orphanage / skill school that Leif Rahmqvist built in most northern region of South Africa. Leif's vision was to provide homeless and abused children with a safe place to grow up, with nutritious food, clean drinking water and an education for life. Today, this vision is a reality.

More about Rahmqvist Foundation
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