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Here you can find a selection of our products that help you create a more fun, creative and educational workday.

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Classroom Consumables

3 in 1 Stapler / Tacker / Remover

Art.16106 3 in 1 Stapler / Wall Tacker / Staple Remover The 3 in 1, can staple up to 15 pages at a time; open it up and you can use it as a wall tacker in a soft board. Once finished, reverse the stapler to reveal a remover that can help when mounting displays. Use Art 16305 No.10 Staple. RSP £12.99 . EANI £9.99 // 16305 No.10 staple RSP £4.99 . EANI £4.00

Classroom Consumables

Adhesive stick - 'Green Choice'

Rahmqvist Adhesive sticks are Green Choice products. 100% of the material used is 2nd use plastic and once finished, the tube/ cap can be rinsed and placed into the recycle bin to be recycled again. The ‘Glue’ features 50% less solvent, which provides a better stick and a longer cap off time to reduce waste, making this one of the most ECO-sustainable consumables available to schools today. Art: 20101 39gm RSP £4.49 . EANI £3.69 // Art: 20105 22gm RSP £2.25 . EANI £1.85

Classroom Consumables

Dual Barrel Sharpener - for standard and jumbo pencils

Art.24177 Dual Barrel Sharpener. Designed to sharpen standard pencils, standard colour pencils, standard triangle pencils, jumbo pencils and jumbo colour pencils. This sharpener is ideal for table top sharpening and allows you to limit the mess associated with sharpening. 1 x box of 6 RSP £52.50 . EANI £42.00

Classroom Consumables

Dual Handed Scissors

Art. 28503 Dual Handed Scissors. The easiest scissor to use in the classroom. Dual cutting blades work on paper, card, light fabric, aswell as tissue, poster roll, sugar paper and many more craft materials. The 7cm blades are self sharpening and glue/paint can be removed by placing the scissor in warm water - then wipe with a towel. RSP £4.29 . EANI £3.49

Classroom Consumables

Electronic Stapler

Art. 16135 Electronic Stapler, is a perfect addition to the office or reprographics room. 25 sheets can be stapled at one time and repetitive stapling is made easy. Uses 26/6 staples and comes with 6xAA batteries and 12 month guarantee. RSP £115 . EANI £95

Classroom Consumables

Handy Stapling Plier

Art. 16210 Handy Stapling Plier - Classroom Ergonomically designed to fit into your hand, this handy staple plier can bind 15 pages of A4 paper without problem. Staples are loaded into the long chamber, which reduces the need to reload. Uses Art 16305 No.10 Staple RSP £12.99 . EANI £9.99

Classroom Consumables

Jumbo Pencil Sharpener

Art. 24186 Jumbo Sharpener. Designed to sharpen, Super Jumbo Pencils, Super Jumbo Triangular Pencils, Super Jumbo Colour Pencils and Super Jumbo Triangular Colour Pencils. 1x set of 6 RSP £25.50 . EANI £21.00

Classroom Consumables

Large Adult Scissors - 11cm

Art. 28510 Large Adult Scissors with 11cm cutting surface making them ideal for large sugar paper and poster roll. Dual cutting blades are self-serrating and keep sharp for many years. Glue and paint can be removed with warm soapy water. RSP £9.99 . EANI £7.99

Classroom Consumables

Lite Tacker - for mounting displays

Art. 16115 Lite Tacker – Staple Gun. A good, general use, staple gun, ideal for mounting displays and notices onto a variety of boards. Uses Art 16536 53/6 staple . RSP £24.99 . EANI £19.99

Classroom Consumables

Staple Remover

Art.16211 Staple Remover is an easy to use, hand held staple remover, that collects staples as it goes. Collected staples can be discarded to the bin without dropping onto the carpet. RSP £7.99 . EANI £6.49
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