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Here you can find a selection of our products that help you create a more fun, creative and educational workday.

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Adhesive PP Labels - re-usable

Art.38915-36 Adhesive Labels. Easy to use adhesive labels that are highly effective in helping you organise your archiving system or your working environment. Locate the label into position and then generate a label on your computer that describes the content. Design your own label, print it out, cut to size and slide into position, replace as necessary.


Archive Board - Arching Accessory

Art.35275 Backing Board – archiving accessory. Backing Boards provide a rigid platform to make archiving easy. Used in conjunction with D.Clips, old data can be transferred in 10 seconds and stored in preparation for Audit or Inspection.


Compact Box Archiving System

Art. 35302-09 Compact Box Set – 80mm – Red. Archive old files into compact boxes and increase your storage capacity by 40%. The recyclable box has re-enforced sides that allow it to stack upto 30 boxes high. Each box is front loading and this makes document recovery easy. Using the D.Clip, a file can be archived from a level arch in 10 seconds, making this one of the quickest/ most efficient archive systems on the market today. Request our video clip to see how its done Available in Red / Blue / Yellow / Green / White Also Available in 150mm – Yellow front only Art 35219


D-Clip 80mm - Archiving Accessory

Art. 35252 D-Clip – archiving accessory. Archive a file in 10 seconds using the excellent D-Clip from Rahmqvist. D-clips benefit from a robust aluminum / plastic construction that is both robust and flexible. The innovative design is compatible with all lever arch, ring file and ergofile designs and will help you prepare for Audit or Inspection
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