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Here you can find a selection of our products that help you create a more fun, creative and educational workday.

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Hygiene and Wellbeing

A1 Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

43617 Auto Dispenser for Hand Sanitiser. A hands free dispenser that uses infrared sensors to detect a hand before decanting sanitiser spray. The dispenser is wall mounted and comes complete with fittings. Each dispenser benefits from a fluid tank that can be refilled using Rahmqvist 85% Alcohol sanitiser. The sanitiser is 100% effective against Virus and Bacteria including Covid19, Norovirus, E.Coli and many more (product sheet available on request) The quantity of sanitiser decanted each time can be adjusted between ECO and Optima with an average of 600-700 sprays being achieved from one refill. For best results locate in a reception area, near to washrooms, external doors or anywhere with a heightened risk from cross contamination. Refill with Art: 43610 85% Hand Sanitiser - 500ml

Hygiene and Wellbeing

A2 Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - Black

43615 V2 Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - Black V2 is a wall mounted unit that benefits from infrared sensors that trigger a spray of sanitiser directly to the hand without the need to 'touch' the unit. The liquid contains 85% alcohol that is fast drying and low on skin irritation, it both cleans and disinfects the skin by killing microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. It Neutralises bad smells on dirty hands. Perfect for all areas with high risk of infection or cross contamination.

Hygiene and Wellbeing

ECO Hand Sanitiser Spray - 250ml

Art: 43607 ECO hand sanitiser contains 90% less chemical than other sanitisers but remains effective against Virus, Bacteria and Microorganisms, thanks to an active chloride biocide. Spray just 3-4 times per day for a long lasting effect and let your hands benefit from the soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 extract.

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Ergonomic Cushion - Back Support

Art. 65862 Ergonomic Cushion A dual function Ergo-Cushion that provides unrivalled back support for those seated at a workstation for long periods. Ergo-Cushions can be uniquely tuned to the benefit of each person. They can also be used as a cushion, to improve your circulation and core strength whilst you are working. *Request a Free Demonstration email:

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Plastic Deci-Protect - 10 day protection

Art.65034 Plastic Dec-Protect. Protect yourself with the ultimate surface wipe that uses a Chloride Biocide to kill 100% of the virus (including Covid-19), bacteria and microorganisms found on your keyboards, work station, tables, phone, entry system etc. Each wipe is easily applied and is 100% effective immediately. The wipe then leaves a protective film to protect the surface for a further 10 days, which prevents cross contamination between colleagues using a shared work space.

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Pure Hand Disinfectant Spray (sanitiser) - 250ml - Re-usable bottle

Art. 43618 PURE Hand Disinfectant Spray (Sanitiser) / 250ml PURE HD is a medical grade hand sanitizer containing 85% Alcohol. It is 100% effective at disinfecting bacteria and virus including Coronavirus and Norovirus etc. To be used daily to protect against cross contamination. Contains Glycerin as a moisturiser to protect skin. Formula is Biodegradable and is Non-Toxic – available today

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Pure Hand Sanitiser Refill - 85% Alcohol

Art: 43610 Pure 85% Alcohol hand sanitiser to refill 43615 and 43617 Auto Dispensers and 43618 Sanitiser Spray WHO recommend at least 60% alcohol to be effective against Covid-19, Pure is 41% stronger and is 100% effective against Virus, Bacteria and Microorganisms including Covid19, Norovirus, E.Coli and many more (product sheet available on request) Pure also contains Glycerin, which reduces skin irritation caused by 'wet' sanitisers commonly available

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Scander handle sanitizer

Art. 41919 Our NEW Handle Sanitiser is a hygienic dream! The motion sensor is triggered by your hand and 20 seconds later disinfectant is automatically sprayed onto the door handle, effectively killing 100% of the virus, bacteria and microorganisms found in risk areas such as your reception, toilet, kitchen or working environment. This is perfect for areas where there is a high risk of cross contamination; where the hygienic behaviour of people is unpredictable. We all know, that when people cough or sneeze into their hands or visit the bathroom without washing their hands properly, cross contamination will happen. e.g a person will touch many surfaces like a door handle, entry system in a building or shake hands to greet another person. They will return to their keyboard, tablet, phone, they will take refreshment in the kitchen, they will drive a car or push the door opener on the tube, they will lift a basket or push a shipping cart around a supermarket ..... in-fact the potential for cross contamination is endless!

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Space Purifier - Air cleansing unit

Art.41916-0 Space Purifier – featuring a True HEPA filter Breath clean air everyday. The Space Purifier cleanses 60m3 of air per hour leaving your office /workspace free from harmful pollutants, dust particulates, airborne virus, bacteria and microorganisms that cause headaches, dry eyes, skin irritation and a loss of working hours through absence. The acclaimed True HEPA filter is combined with a carbon ionizer to become 99.97% effective in the work place… may even reduce your snoring at home! Replacement True HEPA filter (pack of 3): Art 41917

Hygiene and Wellbeing

Ten Days - Surface Protection

Art 41621 Ten Days - Surface Protection Protects against bacteria for at least 10 days. Alcohol free cleaning products especially developed to clean and disinfect surfaces. It leaves a thin antimicrobial film with a unique long term effect against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ten Days is particularly suitable for areas that require a long term hygiene or areas with a bad smell caused by microorganisms, for example in bathrooms.
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